Genre: Nonfiction My rating: 4/5 Recommended for: People who want to know more about love and dating in today’s world When I first picked up this book, I was expecting a hilarious commentary on dating in the era of social media. I was very pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t just a stand-up comedian laughing at […]

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Genre: YA, contemporary Rating saya: 4/5 Direkomendasikan untuk: 15+, orang-orang berjiwa muda yang ingin diingatkan bahwa hidup adalah sebuah berkah, jadi laluilah dengan berani Novel pertama karya Nicola Yoon ini berkisah tentang Madeline Whittier, yang memiliki penyakit yang mengharuskan dia tinggal di dalam rumah tanpa pernah boleh mencicipi dunia nyata. Bahkan, seseorang harus melalui proses […]

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Greetings, mortals!

I made an Instagram account to post about my books and found an entire community of lovely people called bookstagram, and since then I’ve grown my love for the written world even more. Here, I’ll be talking about books I have read: ones I liked, ones I didn’t. But mostly I made this blog to […]

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